Edible Alaska |Fall in Love with Cranberries

My newest article for Edible Alaska was released today on their web site. It will be in the print edition when it’s released, but the wise editorial staff decided that folks are out picking cranberries in part of the state NOW, so they’re giving you an advance look. A recipe will follow soon.

I am leaving town soon, and I am a little worried I’ll miss lingonberry season this year, so cross your fingers that they’ll still be around when I get back.

Roses are still blooming around town, as old blooms fade, new ones continue.

We’ve been dog sitting, which means even though it’s pretty rainy, I’ve had to get out and walk a few times a day. Funny thing is, even dog-less, I used to walk every day, rain or shine. Somehow, in the last few years, I lost my daily walking mojo, and somehow I forgot that walking in the rain can be a great pleasure. Dressed for the weather, I can enjoy the sounds of the rain, of the overflowing waterfalls. The light is more diffuse an plants, flowers, berries take on more depth and detail. As our days slowly cool and shorten, I hope I can remember to just go when the house is feeling particularly cozy and dry.

Dressed for the weather.
Dressed for the weather.

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